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Lose Weight With Grass-Fed Beef

Today more than ever, the source of your food matters. Gone are the days when you could trust your neighborhood butcher or grocer to provide your family with wholesome, fresh food free from unnatural – and dangerous – hormones, antibiotics, pesticides, and herbicides.

Sadly, Big Agriculture and mega-food corporations have largely taken over smaller, family-run operations. We've lost the caring connection of those businesses to an unprecedented, almost furious quest putting profit before food quality and safety. Multi National Food Corporation’s need for cheap, mass produced, convenient food products has unfortunately led to a nutritional deficiency epidemic.

Lucky for us, some of those smaller, caring family-run businesses still exist. And along with them, sources of food as pure as days past and healthier than ever. Untainted by growth hormones and antibiotics, animals are free to roam in pastures free from pesticides and synthetic fertilizers. Perhaps most importantly, these animals are free to eat the food nature intended.

Free Range Grass Fed vs Commercial Feedlots

If you love to eat beef, but have recently had concerns about its levels of saturated fat and cholesterol, then you'll be thrilled with what you're about to discover. Cattle were not designed to eat grains. And because of that, their diet of grains in factory farms largely contributes to the negative aspects of eating beef. The fat content of beef is the primary reason it has lost ground as a respectable entree on North America's dinner table. Not only do most beef cuts have a high fat content, ranging from 35-75%, but the majority of it is saturated.

"Grain-fed beef can have an omega 6:3 ratio higher than 20:1"-- J. Anim. Sci. 2000. 78:2849-2855 This well exceeds the 4:1 ratio where health problems begin to show up because of the essential fat imbalance. Grain-fed beef can also have over 50% of the total fat as the far less healthy saturated fat. Grass-fed beef has an omega 6:3 ratio of 0.16 to 1

This is the ratio science suggests is ideal for our diet. This is about the same ratio that fish has. Grass-fed beef usually has less than 10% of its fat as saturated. If you are a pregnant or breastfeeding mom, the extra omega 3 from the grass-fed beef will provide incredible nutritional benefits for your child.

Grass-Fed Beef Enhances Your Health in More Ways Than One...

Compared to grain-fed cattle, grass-fed beef is:

  • Two to four times richer in heart healthy omega 3 fatty acids.
  • Higher in "good" unsaturated fats and lower in "bad" saturated fats.
  • Three to five times higher in CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid) content.
  • Loaded with over 400% more of vitamin A (as beta carotene) and E.
  • Virtually devoid of risk of Mad Cow Disease.

Lose Weight With Grass-Fed Beef

Grass-fed beef is naturally lower in calories. A 6-ounce steak from a grass-fed steer can have 100 fewer calories than the same steak from a grain-fed steer. Simply by switching to lean grass-fed beef, in one year you could save 17,733 calories and lose 6 pounds without changing anything else in your diet.

Here's another thing about grass-fed beef… CLA is a naturally occurring fat found in animal and dairy fats such as beef and poultry that are not fed grains. As soon as you start to feed cattle grain, they start to lose their ability to produce CLA. Animals that graze on pasture have from 300 to 400% more CLA than animals fattened on grain in a feedlot. As we all know, diet and exercise are required to lose weight. However, University of Wisconsin research shows that CLA intake assists individuals who lose weight in preventing putting pounds back on.

Obviously, CLA enriched beef will not enable you to lose significant weight without other dietary measures and exercise, so please review my optimal food choice program for additional suggestions. The human intestine produces CLA naturally from linoleic acid. Recent studies have been conducted on attaining a higher CLA content in daily food intake because of possible health benefits such as weight loss.

Eric Schlosser, who wrote Fast Food Nation, tells us that since 1993, half a million children in North America have been made ill by the E. coli bug.
One quarter of America's minced beef, writes Schlosser, is made from worn-out dairy cattle, likely to be riddled with disease and the meat containing antibiotic residues. Please note this article is for educational purposes and American ground beef is restricted from entry into Canada

Our customers rely on us for the best tasting organic meats in the country.

And here's why...

  • The cattle are raised by farmers and ranchers who are just as passionate when it comes to raising great tasting meats.
  • We insist on 100% satisfaction with every interaction you have with us - from ordering on the internet or on the phone to receiving and unpacking your order.
  • After spending countless hours talking with hundreds of ranchers and taking the time to ensure both the animals and land are well cared for, we ensure the cattle receive the different types of nutritious forage they need.
  • 21-day dry-aging methods to bring you a concentrated, rich, natural beef flavor. Dry aging allows the meat’s natural enzymes to break down tough connective tissue, producing a superior product.

Our Meat Comes from A Certified Organic Supplier

What does this mean for you?

  • NO antibiotics or synthetic growth hormones.
  • Animals are allowed free access to the outdoors and pastures.
  • NO conventional pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, bioengineering, or ionizing radiation.
  • Encourages the use of renewable resources and the conservation of soil and water to enhance environmental quality for future.

What Types of Grass-Fed Beef Can I Order?

You can select from a wide variety of cuts – everything from Filet Mignon, New York Strip Steaks, to ground beef patties. Everything is hormone, antibiotic, gluten and nitrate-free!

All of our meats are flash-frozen at the peak of their flavor, and then individually vacuum packaged to preserve freshness, flavour and their natural vitamins and minerals. In fact, our meats are guaranteed to maintain freshness for up to 6 months in your freezer.

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