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Free Range Australian Lamb Piedmontese Veal

Le Maitre D' & Sommelier is proud to offer the highest quality artisinal meats to our discerning clientele, and our Lamb & Veal Department is no exception. We source our Free Range Lamb primarily from small family farms in New South Wales where every attention to detail is addressed thus ensuring the finest quality available.

In addition we take equal interest in the local market which are often overlooked by large commercial grocery chains. A couple of years ago we were lucky enough to procure Piedmontese Veal. Its taste is similar to grain fed veal yet it is more tender than milk fed veal. The young calves roam freely and are raised without any use of antibiotics or hormones whatsoever.

The collective family of ranchers ensure the healthiest and happiest environment which reflects in the quality of our products and their professional stewardship. In fact Piedmontese Veal, unique in North America, has half the fat and calories of commercial veal and similar nutritional properties to Bison.