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Iberico Secreto (10 x 16 oz)

This piece is “hidden” between the shoulder, ribs and fatback, for this reason we call to this part: “secret”. The cut to get this piece must be very accurate in order to keep the exact amount of fat. This highly grained piece stands out for its wonderful flavour and texture. Secreto could be called a pork skirt steak due to its similar properties to beef skirt steak. Raised on wild herbs and fattened on acorns in the oak-dotted meadows of Spain, Ibérico hogs produce rich, deep red meat with a robust flavor. The delicate marbling that distinguishes this heritage breed keeps the pork moist and juicy and lends it a unique nutty sweetness.

  • Produced by Fermín, renowned for traditional Ibérico de bellota since 1956.
  • 100% Ibérico de bellota hogs, raised on government-protected meadows in Spain where they forage for wild herbs and bellotas(acorns).
  • Iberico de bellota hogs are harvested in small numbers each year, making quantities limited.
  • Descended from wild boars, these hogs produce meat that is deep red, nicely marbled and very flavorful.
  • Their breed and diet create pork that is high in monounsaturated fat.
  • Hormone-, antibiotic- and GMO-free.
  • Best served rare or medium-rare.
  • Iberico makes the best proscuito in the world, therefore the meat on the Charcoal is sensational. Below in the video recipe is a fun video with information about the famous Jamon de Bellota.



Pata Negra Secreto:
6 x 20 oz Flank steaks
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Pata Negra Secreto:
6 x 20 oz Flank steaks

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