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Izikaya Sashimi Premium Ahi & Atlantic Salmon TarTar

Market fresh cuisine has swept across bistros and fine dining establishments creating a renaissance in marine stewardship and a desire for excellent healthy ingredients. Our Fishmongers are always at the cutting edge providing our clientele with refreshing ocean fresh fish that make the most excellent tartars. Now popular with European Chefs they owe a debt of gratitude to their Japanese compatriots who founded this simple recipe and run boutique Izakayas across Japan. From small, single-proprietor affairs izakaya are places where people come to unwind with co-workers and friends. More like a tapas bar or gastropub than just a bar, at an izakaya you take your pick from beer, whiskey, sake, and a wide variety of Japanese (and not-so-Japanese) foods.

Both the Ahi Tuna and Premium atlantic salmon are individually packaged, diced and chopped into tiny cubes for TarTar. This actually follows the tradition of upscale Izakayas across Japan.

Simply Defrost each package in cold water from frozen for 15 minutes place in a bowl and then add your desired ingredients.

Kampai !



4 x 300g Salmon Tartar (Plain) 4 X 300g Ahi Tuna(plain):
Premium Diced Sashimi Grade Ocean Fresh Fish
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4 x 300g Salmon Tartar (Plain) 4 X 300g Ahi Tuna(plain):
Premium Diced Sashimi Grade Ocean Fresh Fish

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