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Kagoshima Tribeca Strip loins 6 x 32 oz

Exclusive to Le Maitre D our master butchers are exceptionally proud to offer you the finest of Japanese Kobe Beef from the spa ranches of kagoshima. The Cattle are sired from an elite line of the Tajima family of cattle which has been thoroughly documented with genitic codes and also prints of the cattles noses similair to human fingerprints. Infact the initial documentation of the Tajima bloodline dates back to 1310 A.D. The quintissential differences between Japenese Kobe and Australian Kobe are noted. Primarily they are the same bloodline however it is the rearing and feeding that is different. Kagoshima kobe is highly marbled due to its diet of rice, hay, sake, alfalfa and beer. Also each cow is assigned its own individual team of handlers who are responsible for it"s well being, namely regular hand massages with essential oils by rope and happy hour with beer to keep the Tajimas Hydrated, their temperature level, and of course to produce more mono unsaturated fat. The result is a mature carcass with bright cherry red meat, almost all of which is extensively and finely marbled with pure white fat.The Japanese regard this as the top grade of beef. Kagoshima Kobe is revered by Michelin Chefs and Connoisseurs alike. From Rubechon a Galera in Macau to the French Laundry in Napa these cuts have an international reputation of excellence.

This is the absolutely finest kobe beef we have to offer. Quite simply it is the Bugatti of Beef.


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6 x 32 oz
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Package contains:
6 x 32 oz

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